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Welcome to The Cat Servant.

The Cat Servant provides daily home visits as well as grooming, if required to your cats when you leave to go away on business or holiday.


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From The Cat Servant

Hello fellow cat lovers, my name is Carolyn Stephens, owner of The Cat Servant. You may be looking at my website because you are in the same situation I was in many years ago. Having to travel overseas 14 years ago my only concern was who would look after my beautiful Russian Blue cat.

I knew she would have been stressed in a cattery and therefore I would have been worried every day that I was away. Back then I found a wonderful cat minding service that came to my home to take care and play with my baby every day.

From that moment I too wanted to be a minder of cats so I could give other cat owners the peace of mind I had as well as being able to take care of what I think is one of the most beautiful and loving animals created.

Our Services


Includes Claw Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Fur Brushing and thinning. Read More


Includes Replenishing of food and water, Replacing litter, Lots of cuddles and play time. Read More

Home Help

Includes Collection of mail, Watering of plants, House cleaning. Read More


Includes Visits to vet, Administering medication. Read More